Croatia, fiction, 2019, 15′

A young family of four is spending a day on an island. Despite the perfect weather, this seemingly harmonious family quickly reveals its toxicity. The unhealthy relations affect all the members, and the youngest seem to have already floated away. What keeps them together? And who suffers the most?

Director: Judita Gamulin
Screenplay: Judita Gamulin
Cinematography: Tomislav Sutlar
Editing: Tomislav Stojanović
Scenography: Petra Poslek
Costumes: Ivana Zozoli
Sound: Luka Gamulin
Make-up: Tina Jesenković
Cast: Ivana Roščić, Gordan Kičić, Leona Perok
Production: Eclectica (Rea Rajčić)

FeKK YU Program