Anno 3003
Ivo Lehpamer, Yugoslavia, animation, 1962, 11’
Humanity in the age of automatism.

Avtomat / Automat
Jože Bevc, Yugoslavia, fiction, 1982, 9’
The nuisance of machinery that surrounds the mankind.

Da ne budemo iznenađeni / Not to Be Surprised
Branko Vukotić,Yugoslavia, documentary, 1967, 12’
Representations of natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquakes; American war bombings and the victims in Vietnam; the equipment of emergency shelters, and civil protection activities in the urban environment.

Kače – Epidemija / Snakes – Epidemic
Koni Steinbacher, Yugoslavia, animation, 1982, 1’
Snakelike viruses threaten humans.

Mladina gradi / Youth Builds
France Štiglic, Yugoslavia, documentary, 1946, 18’
Youth work brigades during the construction of railway lines in Bela Krajina, the construction of a road in the vicinity of Vrhnika, and the regulation of the Pesnica stream.

The Way of Dinosaurs
May Deboratt, USA, animation, 1983, 6′
An animated film about the use and exploitation of energy through the history of mankind. In the 20th century, oil is the main source of energy. If we run out of it, is civilization, like dinosaurs, in danger of disappearing?

Slava na životot / Glory To Life
Vangel Čemkov, Yugoslavia, documentary, experimental, 1975, 10’
Man’s interference in the forest. Consequences of logging and the force of nature.

Srečen v gozdarstvu / Happy in Forestry
Bojan Jurc, Lojze Jurc, Yugoslavia, animation, 1979, 4’
A young man who sees how man destroys nature, would like to help preserve the forest and indirectly the wildlife. Because he lacks the know-how, he enrols in a forestry school, where he successfully graduates, acquires all knowledge and as a forester reforests, suppresses pests, and is more than satisfied in the company of animals.