Blood Machines

France USA, fiction, 2019, 50’

Director: Seth Ickerman
Screenplay:  Seth Ickerman, Paul La Farge
Cinematography:  Philip Lozano
Editing:  Seth Ickerman
Scenography:  Julien Richard
Costumes:  Matthieu Calvel
Sound:  Marius Leftarache
Music:  Carpenter Brut
Makeup: Amelie Salomon, Florence Rodriguez
Cast: Anders Heinrichsen, Elisa Lasowski, Joelle Berckmans
Production: Logical Pictures, Rumble Fish Productions

Two space hunters are tracking down a machine trying to free itself. After taking it down, they witness a mystical phenomenon: the ghost of a young woman pulls itself out of the machine as if the spaceship had a soul. Trying to understand the nature of this entity, they start chasing the woman through space… Blood Machines is the sequel of the music video Turbo Killer.


Carpenter Brut – TURBO KILLER

France, music video, 2016, 4’

Director: Seth Ickerman
Screenplay:  Seth Ickerman
Cinematography:  Philip Lozano
Music:  Carpenter Brut
Makeup: Florence Rodriguez
Cast: Joëlle Berckmans, Noémie Stevens, Guillaume Faure
Production: Carpenter Brut & No Quarter Prod

After losing a dear person, Vain tries to capture her soul in a cristamonium diamond. What he doesn’t know is that the diamond is not a portal to the other side but to a far Galaxy. When he uses it, he accidentally transports an alien princess to Earth. However, her mother, queen of the entire galaxy, sends a brutal mercenary known as Burning Void to retrieve the princess.