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Rok Kajzer Nagode: Digitalisation and Restoration of In the Dark (V temi, Žarko Lužnik, 1979)

Film projection, presentation.

We are going to watch In the Dark (1979, 18’), a short by the director Žarko Lužnik, who was at the time of its creation, a student of direction at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television (AGRFT). The digitalisation and restoration of the film is actually the practical part of Rok Kajzer Nagode’s MA thesis on Film Photography at AGRFT. Kajzer Nagode is going to present the technical difficulties and ethical doubts encountered when trying to match the original look of Lužnik’s student documentary.

In cooperation with SCCA−Ljubljana, a partner of the Not Yet Written Stories European project, which has been supported
by EU Creative Europe − culture sub−programme and aims to establish research-based archives of female artists accessible in a joint online repository.

Language: English. Free entry for all.

Slovene Cinematheque, Miklošičeva cesta 28

Cinema Spaces

Presentations, a round table.

Cinema is the main but not the only physical space that offers sanctuary to films, filmmakers, and audiences. The guests are going to present two very different examples of innovative implementation of cinematic art into some selected spaces of villages and cities.    

Vida Rucli and Janja Šušnjar, Stazione di Topolò, Italy

Topolove is a small village in the Grmak municipality at the border between Italy and Slovenia. It can be reached by a winding road that ends in the village. The first Station of Topolove was born almost thirty years ago but it then changed the faith of this hill settlement from that of the many empty villages in the Veneto Region. Every summer the Stazione di Topolò comes to life as a festival of experiences and arts, bringing an inspiring interception of visual, acoustic, and linguistic art, and regularly also the multiple cinematic languages of filmmakers from across the world. 

prostoRož & EDOFestival about cities, urbanity, and architecture, Slovenia

The mission of prostoRož cultural association is to improve public urban space. Since 2004, they explore public spaces in cities and their meaning for local residents and the society at large, pay attention to overlooked public spaces and revitalize them according to the needs of residents and visitors. Their EDO film festival brings attention to the current and past challenges of cities through film. The festival doesn’t take place at cinema auditoriums – instead, it happens at different locations in Ljubljana that are thematically connected to the film.



Viviana Carlet, Lago Film Fest, Italy

Lago Film Fest is an international short films, documentaries and screenplays festival that was founded in 2005. It brings nine days of talks, videos, workshops, artistic performances, live music and special guests on the shores and among stone houses of the lake town Revine Lago.

Marta Baradić, Katarina Cinema, Croatia

The Katarina Cinema is an evening open air cinema programme that has taken place along the coast of the Pula Bay during the summer months since 2016. The project is guided by DIY principles and it represents an intervention that constitutes a reaction to certain topical community issues or needs, which the establishment fails to address.

Nenad Borovčak, Tabor Film Festival, Croatia

Tabor Film Festival is an international short film contest which takes place in the historical venue of the castle of Veliki Tabor in Zagorje county at North Croatia since 2003. Apart from competitions, the festival also includes retrospective short film programmes, film workshops, music programmes and exhibitions.



Varja Močnik, passionate protector of film and cinema

Language: English. Free entry for all.

Slovenian Cinematheque, Miklošičeva cesta 28

The Festival of Distribution Strategy feat. Marija Milovanovic (LEMONADE FILMS) and Wouter Jansen (Square Eyes)


With plenty of film festivals out there and new ones popping up every day, it’s easy to get lost trying to find the ones that suit your film (and you) best. When and where to start whilst working on your film, what festivals to screen at in the beginning and what choices to make after having your premiere? How can you get the most out of your festival run? What are the possibilities for spreading and screening your film online? In this presentation, Marija Milovanovic from LEMONADE FILMS and Wouter Jansen from Square Eyes will explain the best way to get your short film out into the world.


Language: English. Free entry for all.

Slovene Cinematheque, Miklošičeva cesta 28

Short Waves Festival: The Potential of Short Film in Community Building and Educational Activities

An online round table

The global pandemic has changed the way we present films and participate in film culture. The online world has made it really difficult to build a community through a collective experience of film watching. Educators who use film in their daily work also face many new challenges. The invited panelists will talk about the best examples of the educational use of short films and community building strategies tailored to the times of covid-19. The panel is organized in cooperation between Short Waves Festival and FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival with the kind support of the British Council.


Invited guests:

Viviana Carlet, founder and art director of Lago Film Fest, Italy

Diana Mereoiu programmer at VIS Vienna Shorts, distributor at Lemonade Films, Austria

Suzy Gillett, Film Educator, Curator, Creative Consultant for Film Labs, UK

Ana Cerar, program coordinator of Isola Cinema IFF, project manager of Otok Institute, Slovenia

Host: Emilia Mazik, Short Waves Festival, Poland

Language: English Free entry for all.

Slovene Cinematheque, Miklošičeva cesta 28