Croatia, animation, 2019, 10′

A doe works as a professional exhibit at the museum in which she hangs from a wall as a dead animal alongside the rest of the trophies of the same kind; deer and doe heads. One morning she notices that small horns grew out on top of her head. This makes it impossible for her to pull her head through the hole in the wall at the museum. 

Director: Aleta Rajič
Screenplay: Aleta Rajič
Cinematography: Aleta Rajič
Editing: Sanja Rajič Banjac
Animation: Aleta Rajič
Scenography: Aleta Rajič
Sound: Vjeran Šalomon
Music: Vjeran Šalomon, Juraj Sremec, Helena Šalomon
Production: Studio Neum (Sanja Rajič Banjac)

FeKK YU Program