Twenty years have already passed since Luksuz Production started its workshops of documentary film – documentary with capital D. We live in times of great changes that affect our lifestyles and beliefs. Life continues, if at all, with difficulty in its decent, healthy, and productive tracks. Moral and ethical grounds seem to be breaking up, while values hardly live up to their name in the presence of escalating conflicts, hostilities, divisions, impersonality, and postmodern technologies. Therefore, it remains imperative to sense and experience the human essence; when we observe a person through a camera lens, his or her sincere nature is clearer, more enhanced, and indirect. 

Luksuz Production nourishes the traditional approach of testimony through the language of moving pictures. This tradition connects us with the past, with its criticism sets us on firm ground in the present, and guides us sensibly and safely into the future. The broad spectre of Luksuz Production films brings you the known heroes and antiheroes, socially-critical individuals and people repressed by the system, marginalised individuals, and many of those invisible to the society. Or presents little heroes who fight for a better world in their own way. The films described voice the inspiring and also dramatic stories told with autonomy and honesty by those who have never had the opportunity to speak.

The Luksuz philosophy is simple: to gather through film workshops a group of enthusiasts and encourage them to critically observe the world and their surroundings in a time frame, teach them how to record moments on camera and then skilfully weave them into a short documentary film by use of film language and techniques, then present it to the audience and preserve the portrayed reality for future generations.

Luksuz Production is not only a place for gathering and exchanging ideas, a place for the cultivation of good taste and debates on the current social problems. It is also more than a place of many technological advantages, editing units, cameras, lenses, and camera stands. It is a beacon of Slovene documentarism that lights the way for critical individuals caught at sea of general distaste on a dark stormy night, enabling them to find in the language of moving pictures their own safe haven. 

Marko Cvejić