Croatia, experimental, documentary 2020, 5′

This is a film about trying to reconcile with your own home. Or with what used to be our home a long time ago. Or at least with what our family thinks is our home. Or with what we no longer feel like our own home. Or is this a film about accepting the realization that we are happier somewhere else, with someone else? 

Director: Bela Bračko-Milešević
Screenplay: Bela Bračko-Milešević, Luka Bosanac
Cinematography: Bela Bračko-Milešević
Editing: Bela Bračko-Milešević
Sound: Bela Bračko-Milešević, Mislav Bunić
Production: Blank_Filmski inkubuator 

FeKK YU Program