Slovenia, fiction, experimental, 2000, 44′

Homo Erectus is a film without words. Only music and images that Ema Kugler described as “something like a dark, surrealistic dance of an everyman with his own death. I saw all these images emerging out of the darkness of my subconsciousness, haunting, possessing me.”

Director: Ema Kugler
Screenplay: Ema Kugler
Cinematography: Izidor Farič
Editing: Ema Kugler
Animation: Oskar Mohar, Marko Šehtl
Scenography: Ema Kugler
Costumes: Ema Kugler
Sound: Boris Romih
Music: George Crumb
Cast: Nataša Matjašec Rošker, Demeter Bitenc, Blaž Bertoncelj
Production: Zavod ZANK