FeKK 2015 - Ljubljana short film festival

FeKK Ljubljana short film festival is an international film festival, which brings the finest selection of locally sourced short films – the cream of the crop of the new Slovenian & EX-Yugoslavian short film production – and then some!



Three winning films from FeKK SLO/K3 competition program are sent to the final competition of International film festival K3 in Austria and are therefore competing with the works by Italian and Austrian authors for the cross-regional K3 award. This program includes Slovene films, which are also competing in the FeKK YU competition program.


The Slovenian Film Centre is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For this occasion we selected the works of Slovenian authors who gained visible success at international festivals in the last two decades and by that promoted Slovenian short film production in the world.

FeKKUS: Last program Trailerama

Last program Trailerama is a collection of the wildest film trailers of exploitation and genre films. Last program is a film chapter of MKC Kombinat a micro-cultural center in Zemun, which is known as an epicenter of underground and alternative culture of Belgrade. Author of the program is Filip Cetković.

FeKK OFF: Luksuz

Non-competition program of films made in 2015 as a part of a documentary film workshop held by Luksuz production.


Works of authors from the countries of ex-Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro) are competing in the international FeKK competition program.


Winning shorts of the last five years at the famous Motovun film festival.

Carte Blanche: Housebound tour

Anne Winter and Laure Conway are film connoisseurs, who travel around the world with their festival and present a series of American independent DIY short films. Instead of narrative structures films are connected by a point of their geographical origin – homes of the authors.

ANIMATEKA: Yellow elephant

A matinee of animated short films appropriate for our youngest audience. Selection was made by Animateka, animation film festival in Ljubljana.


Non-competition program of the most successful and proclaimed films made in 2014 by students of film direction at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Television and Film in Ljubljana.



Slovene director and screenwriter, author of documentary films Poet You Know Your Due? (2010), Once Upon a Time There Was a Land of Hard-Working People (2011), What about Mojca? (2014). In 2010 she graduated from film direction at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana.


Croatian director and selector for short film program at the Motovun film festival. He studied film direction in England. He now lives and works in Croatia. He is an author of many awarded short and documentary films.


He is the founder of Cinema next – Young Austrian cinema initiative. Cinema next is based in Vienna but with their programs of short and feature films they cooperate with different festivals in Austria and abroad.


FeKK YU winner

Many more things to come / Sve je više stvari koje dolaze

Jelena Gavrilović

Many more things to come is a beautifully told story of an individual who is battling to make its family function in dysfunctional times. The story is subtly told through the eyes of a young woman who is visiting home and coping with shaken relationships caused by overpresent economical crises. In such a world, we often lose our roles and identities; children become grownups and everyone is struggling with their new realities. Many more things to come does not try to give us any answers, it is rather confronting us with a reality of what was once middle class family, suggesting that answers are not going to come neither so soon nor easy.

FeKK SLO/K3 finalists


Fabris Šulin

Indigo explores the inner world of the performers and uses precise misanscene and editing to create a self-assured filmic metaphor for a relationship going through a change.

Swimming / Plavanje

Katarina Rešek

Swimming strongly brings us a vivid story of the culture clash through the eyes of a teenager torn by the life in contemporary western surrounding opposed to religious rules of her family. Through her excellent performance the young lead actress carries the universal story of growing up.

Number 3 / Številka 3

Pierre Martin, Camille Tang Quynh, Kris Van Den Bluck, Jasna Merklin

Through an unobtrusive blend of slice-of-life images the director gives us an insight of a burden of solitude that an immigrant has to cope within a contemporary Slovenian society.

Special mentions

Ana square / Ana trg

Jelena Novaković

Ana square tells us an unconventional, uncompromised, realistic story of a human addiction – the one to another human being. This documentary communicates the complex relationship of protagonists following them in a verite style which serves as an ideal playground for commenting and questioning an insane world which we live in. The world driven by the force of money and compromised beliefs, a dog eat dog world in which we are positioned without being asked whether we would like to live in.

Wake me up / Probudi me

Dea Jagić

Wake me up is an ambitious animated film that uses a playful mix of techniques to create a mysterious atmosphere and take the audience on an emotional journey into the woods and through the shadows in the search for home.

Real good paneling / Dosta dobra lamperija

Rastko Petrović

Very rarely have we seen a love story as original, but believable as in Real good panelling. The film finely draws the strange and vivid chemistry between the two characters and sticks the landing with a monologue that should make short film history: the perfect ending for a first date and for this film!



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