Slovenia, animation, 2019, 9’

The butcher gets the taxidermist hooked on his drugs, which he offers as an alleged cure for the taxidermist’s disease. The taxidermist becomes a junkie and gives away his most precious love to the butcher in exchange for more drugs. After realizing what he did, he goes to take what belongs to him, but the path ahead is a one-way journey.

Director: Sandra Jovanovska
Screenplay:  Sandra Jovanovska, Ivan Antić
Cinematography:  Sandra Jovanovska
Animation: Sandra Jovanovska
Editing:  Sandra Jovanovska
Scenography:  Sandra Jovanovska, Ivan Antić, Helene Thuemel
Costumes:  Sandra Jovanovska
Sound: Ivan Antić
Music: Ivan Antić
Voice: Samo Bihar, Ivan Antić, Sandra Jovanovska
Production: VŠU (Boštjan Potokar)

FeKK SLO Program