Montenegro, igrani fiction, 2020, 24’

A family in the suburbs of Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, invites a priest to bless their home. The priest has some other engagements and decides to bend the rules of the Church and sends Petar who works as a deacon in the church. Petar is not a man of faith. Nonetheless, Petar has found faith in another place – the betting shop.

Director: Zvonimir Grujić
Screenplay: Zvonimir Grujić
Cinematography: Blažo Tatar
Editing: Zvonimir Grujić
Sound: Nemanja Popović
Cast: Stefan Vuković, Zoran Rakočević, Milica Šćepanović
Production: FDU Cetinje (Miljan Vučelić), Zvonimir Grujić

FeKK YU Program