Slovenia, fiction, 2019, 29’

A young couple gets lost on a hike through the woods and they seek shelter in an empty shed that is haunted by a witch. The couple is separated, with each of them having to overcome a separate challenge. The film is based on world and Slovenian folk-tale elements.

Director: Katja Leitgeb
Screenplay:  Katja Leitgeb
Cinematography:  Katja Leitgeb, Uroš Arsenijević
Editing:  Katja Leitgeb
Sound: Teodora Arsovska, Ines Cetenji
Cast: Mia Skrbinac, Lovro Zafred, Anuša Kodelja
Production: Cosmic Flamingo (Katja Leitgeb), SAE Beograd

FeKK SLO: Second Wave Program