Italy, documentary, 2014, 22’

Pierino is a farmer. He spent most of his life designing a new world order based on the balance of man and nature. He created his own Empire, Magna Romagna, in Pontecucco, Cesena. The documentary is the first of a trilogy, which talks about utopias, micronations, and states of exception: self-proclaimed small states, nations with picturesque and bizarre names and hyperbolic roots.

Director: Danilo Carlani, Alessio Dogana
Screenplay: Danilo Carlani, Alessio Dogana, Chiara Galeazzi, Elena Viale
Cinematography: Cristian Doti, Alf Pilz, Korbinian Vogt
Sound: Dario Molinari
Music: Dumbo Gets Mad, Iononso+Chisono
Cast: Maccio Capatonda, Osmar Santucho
Production: Carlani & Dogana