DOKKU 2020 making-of
Rožana Švara, Tilen Tomić, Tomaž Pavkovič, Slovenia, documentary, 2020, 6′
The DoKKu 2020 documentary film workshop and the making-of shorts.

Elena Chiechio, Kaja Horvat, Hana Slapar, Neja Rakušček, Slovenia, documentary, 2020, 10′
A portrait of an independent lady from Krško living her life to the fullest despite everything.

Nadia v iranski šoli / Nadia at an Iranian School
Nadia Azhdari, Maja Malus Azhdari, Slovenia, documentary, 2020, 9’
Nadia is half-Slovenian, half-Iranian. For one year, she is going to Iran with her family. There she joins the first year students at the local Iranian school. This documentary portrait of the 7-year-old girl shows us that a Slovene can also be a foreigner in a foreign country and needs to accept another culture and the way of life: left-to-right writing, school uniforms, and headscarves. The short film brings the Iranian everyday-life closer.

Lúa López Ribes, Ameli Bury, Aicha Boughazi, Sasha Ihnatovich, Slovenia, documentary, 2020, 15′
A football player, a coach, a model, a businesswoman, and a mother – it all adds up to Rami. And she has a goal: to give all girls in Slovenia the opportunity to play football.

Vaški klovni / Village Clowns
Lea Teraž, Natasha Graves, Jakob Vogrinec, Slovenia, documentary, 2020, 8′
A short documentary about the world of two village clowns and the mischief and mayhem they bring to locals.

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