Slovenia, fiction, experimental, 1993, 16′

Mythology in the video works by Ema Kugler is inscribed in rituals of everyday life. This time it is the theme of Hydra with many facets. Human is separated from nature. The last trace of their respective connection is shown in a ritual relationship between a man and a, bull, although even this relationship involves man’s, deeply ingrained cruelty towards animals.

Director: Ema Kugler
Screenplay: Ema Kugler
Cinematography: Andrej Lupinc
Editing: Neven Korda Andrič
Animation: Suzana Kogoj
Scenography: Ema Kugler
Costumes: Ema Kugler
Music: Goran Majcen
Cast: Andrej Rozman, Marko Mlačnik, Sanja Neškovič
Production: V. S. Video, Forum Ljubljana (Eva Rohrman), VPK