Slovenia, Great Britain fiction, animation, 2020, 9’

Tim Malloy is a teenager whose life is bleak, misunderstood and full of sighs.
He spends most of his utterly miserable life in his own made up worlds full of horrific monsters and grotesque stories. While avoiding everything remotely sweet, cute and pleasant, he is struck by the one thing that will laden his life with all of the above – love.

Director: Maj Jukić
Screenplay: Maj Jukić
Cinematography: Cameron Ward
Animation: Magdalena Jukić
Editing: James Cutt
Scenography: Elena Muntoni
Sound: James Cutt
Music: Stefano Fasce
Cast: Brian Blessed, Joe Smith, Maia Lincoln
Production: Guildhall Pictures (Brian Franklin, Sinead Beverland), Yoo-Kah! Films (Maj Jukić)

FeKK SLO Program