Oskar Ban Brejc is a high school graduate, who discovered his love for writing about film fairly young. His first article was published in Ekran when he was seventeen. He soon began participating at film criticism workshops Ostrenje pogleda (Sharpening the Gaze) and Liffe’s Mad About Film, which increased his interest for film criticism and theory. Ban Brejc now regularly publishes in KINO! and Ekran, and often contributes texts for festival catalogues (e.g. Kino Otok). He also regularly attends regional film festivals such as the Motovun and Sarajevo Film Festival. Most of all, he is a devoted film viewer.

Anja Banko has an MA in French and Russian and works in the field of culture. She is an assistant on board of the youth film programme at Kinodvor as well as a regular editor at the Editorial for Culture and Humanities at Radio Študent and the redactor of the monthly show on film and film-related topics called Temna Zvezda (Dark Star). She is highly interested in film criticism. Banko writes for prominent Slovene film publications, prepares educational materials on film, and runs a film club at the Bežigrad High School.

Jernej Trebežnik is an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, who devotes a lot of his time to films and film criticism. His contributions are regularly broadcast at Radio Študent and published in Ekran, Dialogi, KINO!, Kinotečnik and others. Trebežnik regularly visits film festivals in Slovenia and elsewhere and occasionally also works with them.